iGLA Worldwide Workshop is the program to train member gyms the iMAES curriculum and guideline of how to use iMAES portal to unleash it’s potential for professional coaches, instructors, and NF to become a certified IFMA/WMC/iGLA Khru Muay.

During The workshop, participants will learn from certified iGLA Khru Muay Master the basic, intermediate, and advanced movements. Along with the workshop, iGLA portal system will be introduced and handed-on to be able for participants to use it at the max.

The participants will get Khru Muay Certificates along with user name and password to access iGLA portal at the end of the workshop. This will enable qualified participants to be a certified iGLA Khru Muay and be able to have their own workshop and grant certificate at their gyms .

The program also includes special Khru Muay uniform and iGLA workshop User Guide. The special sets are produced for participants only. Details are as follows.

Khru Muay iGLA uniform

– Traditional Khru muay shirt and shorts with crimson color
– Special Silver stitched embroided collar
– WMC, IFMA, and iGLA full-color logos embroided onto fabric on shirt
– size M, L, XL
Handmade for participants only
Reservation needed before workshop

List Price US$120.00
Introductory Price US$70.00

IGLA workshop user manual

– Printed in colour and binded for Khru Muay iGLA
– Contains all Khans
– Curriculum guideline and qualifications
– Over 100 pages of information
– For workshop participants only

List Price US$60.00
Introductory Price US$40.00

Special Bundled Price for both uniform and manual US$110 with Free iGLA T-shirt

**Free Shipping to NF or workshop venue included.

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