The World will meet in Turkmenistan for AIMAG 2017

History will be made in Turkmenistan as for the first time the Asian and Oceania Olympic Committee will join forces for the Asian Indoor Martial Arts Games.

As in other sports like football the cooperation between Australia and Asia has undoubtedly developed the sport in Australia to huge popularity, similarly, as Oceania Olympic Committee joins Asian sport competition it will be the same for sports like muaythai.

Muaythai has been part of the AIMAG since the beginning and the 2013 Games in Incheon was a great success with muaythai as one of the most popular sports in the games.

The organising committee of Asian Indoor Martial Arts Games 2017 in Turkmenistan traveled to Bangkok to make a detailed presentation on the games to the IFMA Executive Board, FAMA and Oceania Member Federation. There is no doubt that Turkmenistan will create a game which will leave a legacy behind.

Sue Glassy, IFMA Vice President and President of the Oceania Muaythai Federation stated that Australia and New Zealand are excited on the possibility of joining the games and thanked IFMA and FAMA for the work they have done in the Asian region, the Olympic Committee of Asia for opening doors for the sporting world of Oceania and to Turkmenistan which is a unique country to be discovered by many in 2017.

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