The Making of iMAES

The Making of iMAES


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iMAES is an educational extension of Project Muaythai iGLA.
“Project Muaythai iGLA” consists of 4 components:
Intellectual Property
iMAES combines intellectual property, library, and animation from the project to create the world first standard curriculum of Muaythai.

Muaythai has gained its popularity in foreign countries for years but it still has more potential to grow and people still occasionally confuse Muaythai with other fighting arts such as Kick Boxing. The Muaythai iGLA project has been established to increase knowledge, understanding and interest in Muaythai among the global community and make it not only the national sport in Thailand but also an international sport for everyone.

main iGLA

Project Muaythai iGLA is determined to promote Muaythai by using digital media and multimedia such as animation or games to attract the young generation. These new media are easy to access, understand and remember and will help Muaythai to have a great impact on young people today. Also the interactive media will allow them to explore the fun of Muaythai and develop their body and brain skills at the same time.

The name “Muaythai iGLA” comes from “Muaythai” which means Thai style boxing, while “iGLA” is an abbreviation of 4 English words; I = Intellectual / G = Game / L = Library / A = Animation which are 4 main digital contents that will use to promote Muaythai among Muaythai community around the world.

iMAES is the extension of Muaythai iGLA project, when all digital data was under development, the curriculum had also been created with experts from WMC (World Muaythai Council) and IFMA (International Federation of Muaythai Amateur). Using digital data and animation from the iGLA project, combined with sophisticated technology to capture the most accurate and precise movements from Khru Muaythai.  The 172 movements were then selected and categorized into 9 khans (levels) from basic, intermediate, to advanced techniques. Qualification, standards guide and certificate system were added to complete the curriculum.  iMAES became the world first standard curriculum to teach Muaythai to the global community.

Intellectual Property Under development of Muaythai iGLA, muaythai scriptures and bibles had been researched around the country. Then 5 of them (Tamra) were selected to showcase the best movements, or master acts of Muaythai.
  The project was chosen to showcase in ‘Thailand Ultimate Licenses’ at Licensing International Expo 2013 in Las Vegas, U.S.A.

Game – interactive and social media games based on characters and stories from Muaythai animation. The team plan to develop video games adaptation of Muaythai Animated TV Series,
developed for Facebook and apps on smartphones, tablets with iOS and androids. Any interested studio can submit a proposal for collaboration.


Library – the heart of the project is the first 3D Digital Library where the team collects knowledge, information and animation of hundreds of Muaythai movements. The first digital Muaythai Library in the world, with over 200+ master movements – where all medieval knowledge of Muaythai masters will be turned into digital data and animation by using state-of-the-art Motion Capture technologies which can save this valuable information for good. It will also be a world library which those who are interested in Muaythai can access and learn from.
 This intellectual property of this library has been created by researching and studying many ancient documents and interviews with Muaythai masters, fighters, academics and experts to collect the most complete and correct collection of knowledge and information about Muaythai.  iMAES curriculum was then established and certified by WMC (World Muaythai Council) and IFMA (International Federation of Muaythai Amateur).

iMAES uses MAM (Media Asset Management) and DAM (Digital Asset Mangement), which can keep these valuable information last forever.
 It will be one of the largest database of Muaythai studies, which will be provided for the students to use for further research.

The team also used a motion-capture system to capture and record movements and master tricks of Muaythai techniques. These 3D digital data will be cleaned-up, organized and archived to a digital library system using MAM (Media Asset Management) with Cloud Computing technology. This will be one of the largest databases of Muaythai studies provided for the World Muaythai Council and its members to use for further research.
Among hundreds of these motion captured clips, 172 master techniques will be chosen and implemented to produce an iMAES curriculum with 15 Khans.  The animated motion graphics visualization of each movement (about 60 seconds for each) will be shown to help learning Muaythai at gyms, sport clubs, and Muaythai camps around the world.

Animation – TV animated series about Muaythai to raise interest and knowledge of the sport among young people. Muaythai Animated TV Series is about of a group of young boys aged 6-12 years old who have a passion to practice Muaythai and becomes great fighters. The animation is in the pre-production stage. It will be produced from leading animation studios and specialists from the industry and screenplay by Mr. Kongkiat Komsiri, one of the most famous screenplay writers and directors in this region.
His award winning work includes Chaiya, the famous Muaythai Chaiya drama film that won numerous awards. The series will also be produced with international collaborations, to produce a high quality animated TV series ready for broadcast on TV stations among 128 members worldwide. Any interested studio can submit a proposal for collaboration.


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