[:en]IGLA System Goes Live[:]

[:en]During the annual IFMA AGM meeting the IGLA education system was presented to all the National Federations. IGLA utilises the Muaythai Animation Education System (IMAES) which was developed over a period of 24 months and uses state of the art animated videos to aid practitioners in the ancient art of muaythai. Using the Khan system muaythai fighters are able to progress from beginner to advanced and even login at home to brush up on what they learnt in class.

The WMC and IFMA certified IGLA system has now gone live and was received by many with excitement for the times ahead as it will enable students to know exactly what level they are at and measure their individual progress on an international scale. Additionally, practitioners will be able to move between gyms across the globe and still study the same curriculum.


Andrew Scott made detailed presentations to all National Federations on how to use the system and get the most out of this unique system. Chairman of the IFMA education commission Dato Shnaz Azmi stated that we now live in a digital age where the new generation rely on technology and muaythai must evolve to cater for the youth by moving with the times. Nowadays E-games are depriving the youth from exercise and it is our responsibility to reintroduce the benefits of sport to future generations.