iMAES Launched in IFMA Royal World Cup 2015

iMAES System; The standard WMC/IFMA Muaythai Curriculum, launched at IFMA Royal World Cup 2015 in Bangkok during 13-23 August 2015.

Having been developed for over 3 years, iMAES (iGLA Muaythai Animation Education System) was launched officially at IFMA Royal World Cup 2015 during 13-23 August 2015. There were 3 parts of launching programs. The first one, conducted on 17 August, was the presentation of iMAES curriculum including curriculum guideline, e-leaning via portal, subscribing method, and animated showcase of master techniques to the participants. The seminar room was full of interested participants with Q&A at the end for audience to understand clearly about the curriculum.

The second program, launched on 18 August, was the first training of iMAES curriculum from 3 famous Khru Muaythai, Master Meuangchai Kittikasem, Master Chalee Khuntaree, and Master Dr. Chao Wathayotha.Three masters divided participants into 3 groups and started to train Muaythai with iMAES curriculum in 3 separate groups. Several participants were amazed with techniques that they learned from these masters and had never known before. Masters informed them that those master techniques were already categorized in 9 khans (levels) with over hundreds of animated movements in iMAES curriculum so those who adopted iMAES can learn Muaythai faster and a lot easier. All 3 masters got a big round of applause at the end of the training. The training shows that using iMAES as a tool and guideline to compliment Khru Muaythai to train their students is very efficient and utmost necessary.

The third one started on 19 August with an official brief introduction to the executives of IFMA.Then IFMA called for initial interested National Federations to sign an MOU to adopt iMAES system in their countries. For ones that could sign MOUs on spot would receive a printed guidebook of iMAES with compliment User name and Password for the iMAES portal site. The MOU was then signed between the president of IFMA, Dr. Sakchye Tupsuwan, and the representative in each country. At the end of the seminar, there were more than 40+ countries signing MOUs right at the show.

‘IFMA is quite certain that with this learning system, most or all of IFMA members will adopt the system to set the new standard of learning Muaythai globally, said Dr. Sakchye Tupsuwan, the president of International Federation of Muaythai Amateur (IFMA).
About iMAES
iMAES: iGLA Muaythai Animation Education System is the latest development and an extension of the Project Muaythai iGLA. Using 3D animation with accurate motion-captured movements from Khru Muaythai (instructors), iMAES curriculum is intended to complement Khru Muaythai to teach and train their students in their facilities.

iMAES is a part of the WMC-IFMA-iGLA Muaythai Curriculum System, endorsed by WMC and IFMA to set as a standard of learning Muaythai. The WMC-IFMA-iGLA Muaythai Curriculum System has 15 Khans, of which Khan 1 to Khan 9 are called iMAES. Khan 10-15 are to be trained and qualified by WMC-IFMA. The total movements are 172 master techniques, selected from different 5 Tamras (scriptures or bibles) all around the country. The iMAES system can be subscribed and access via web portal (, laptop, tablet, or smart phone so members can learn Muaythai with ease and simplicity.
For more information, please contact IFMA or [email protected]

First day presentation @ IFMA Royal World Cup 2015




2nd Day with Practical Training of iMAES System by 3 famous Khru Muaythai, Master Meuangchai Kittikasem, Master Chalee Khuntaree, and Master Dr. Chao Wathayotha


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3rd Presentation with Executive Board and Sign an MOU with40+ countries