IFMA Entourage, an Effort for the Athletes

Muaythai has developed with incredible pace during last years and many IFMA champions who have witnessed this development through their athletic career continue to write out IFMA’s history in their new roles: as coaches, referees, officials, sports journalists, managers and many others.
Many athletes and champions make outstanding contributions towards the development of the sport for women, media exposure, athletic performance, and work with kids; establishing an entourage for IFMA athletes, ensuring that present champions and budding athletes have all the conditions for developing their best athletic and personal skills.
Today, IFMA athletes have an opportunity to educate themselves in the various fields through IFMA and its partner’s web sites on doping code, ethics, international cooperation; as well as to broaden their knowledge directly at the IFMA Commissions meetings.
IFMA’s aim is to allow athletes to become champions both in the ring and outside it. IFMA believes that successful implementation of gained professional skills multiplied by sports character is the key to reaching top goals and excellence.