IFMA Awards was a Night of Glamour

Over 2000 VIP’s, delegates and most important athletes filled the convention hall and ball room of the Ambassador hotel for one of the long anticipated IFMA Award Night.

The foyer where everyone met for one hour pre-awards cocktail was filled with fun.

The Embassy of Brazil with Rio de Janeiro being the host of 2016 Olympics together with the Royal Government and IFMA hosted a cocktail reception for 42 Embassies and Consulates which have the honour of their presence which at the same time shows the support for their national teams.

When the door opened and all participants walked the red carpet clamor and excitement filled the hall with guests welcomed by an orchestra and violin quartet to a Hollywood backdrop. When the MC Lukgal opened the event and Evelyn Feroza sang an accapella rendition of Feeling Good. The audience was speechless.

His Excellency M.L. Panadda Disakul, the representative of Prime Minister of Thailand in his position as permanent secretary to the Prime Minister’s Office was the first award presented and you will find out over the next 10 days who the winners are.

Maybe there has been a single winner in every category but muaythai has been a winner to display that we are all a one family.