IFMA Award Winners Received a Hero Welcome

IFMA Awards Gala Night was a night of glamour in which 130 national federations have eagerly been waiting to witness would be the winner for the respective 13 award categories. Ukraine, one of the IFMA founding members and host of 2 European championship and one of the top 5 most successful Muaythai nations in the world has received 2 awards including Best Coach,  Pavel Yevtushenko, and to show the gender equality and the importance of fair play the best technical official 2014-15 went to Natalie Kogan. The IFMA executive board is filled with personalities from around the world. One of them is the Major from Odessa who is the IFMA Vice President and also the President of the European Muaythai federation (EFM) and he organized a hero welcome for the Ukrainian national team and the 2 award winners and Ukraine truly can be proud of their achievements.

Congratulations from IFMA.