Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

1. Ask : What is iMAES?

Answer : iMAES: iGLA Muaythai Animation Education System is the latest development and an extension of the Project Muaythai iGLA. Using 3D animation with accurate motion-captured movements from Khru Muaythai (instructors), iMAES curriculum is intended to complement Khru Muaythai to teach and train their students in their facilities. iMAES is a part of the WMC-IFMA-iGLA Muaythai Curriculum System, endorsed by WMC and IFMA. The WMC-IFMA-iGLA Muaythai Curriculum System has 15 Khans, of which Khan 1 – Khan 9 are called iMAES. Khan 10-15 are to be trained and qualified by WMC-IFMA.

  • Khan 1-6 contain  103 moves
  • Khan 7 contains  28 moves
  • Khan 8-9 contain  41 moves
  • Total       172 moves

These are the first batch that iMAES gathered from different Tamras (scriptures or bibles) all around the country. Other Tamras are in progress of production including Muaythai Boran (Ancient Muaythai) and Muaythai Chaiya (the South). Those hundreds moves are planned to finish within 18 months. The members will get all of these master moves under their subscription periods.

2. Ask : Why iMAES?

Answer : iMAES is the system. That means not only the curriculum, but also other aspects to make iMAES the most complete standard of learning Muaythai. Such components include the qualification system, the style guide, the identity standards, on-the-go learning, to name a few. All combine together to set it as the standard that everyone can access with step by step instructional animated techniques, so that they will learn and practice until they become a master of Muaythai in no time.

3. Ask : What is NF’s role in iMAES?

Answer : The National Federation in each country is the iMAES center. The purpose of the partnership shall be to become the center of iMAES to spread this standard Muaythai curriculum to qualified gyms. National Federation (NF) is also the center to test and qualify individuals. Unique serial number of each student will be generated and saved in the iMAES Database on the Cloud Server so that he/she can have access to iMAES centers worldwide.

4. Ask : How does a gym subscribe to iMAES?
Answer : iMAES is open for gym, sport club, sport school, and martial art training center. It will not open to an individual as of now. A member enrolled in iMAES curriculum will be granted access to iMAES portal site to have rights for the followings:
Access to iMAES contents with instructions of certified 360° realistic 3D master acts, 172 total in 9 Khans (levels), fed by iMAES curriculum in a batch of moves from the fundamental to the advanced levels , plus free upgrades of more master acts in upcoming Muaythai bibles such as Muaythai Boran, Muaythai Chaiya, Muaythai Aerobics, etc.
Access to CI (Corporate Identity), Curriculum Guideline and Style guideiMAES developed these standards as a guide to consistent use of the iMAES logo and branding.
Eligible to be qualified for iMAES certificates of each khan (level) A student can learn Muaythai step by step and be qualified for a certificate. Once become a member.

5. Ask : Can a gym subscribe to iMAES?

Answer : A gym can subscribe to iMAES by contact  your National Federation, and request register iMAES form.

6. Ask : How much does it cost to gain access to iMAES?

Answer : A gym can subscribe to iMAES with the following fees:

  • USD 00.00 registration fee (for registering information of the gym to iMAES database)
  • USD 100.00 khru certificate for instructor.

7. Ask : What if a gym not an NF’s member subscribes to iMAES?

Answer : We encourage a gym to be a member of the NF in your country. In case there’s a gym that is not a member of NF subscribes to iMAES, the system will automatically send a report to NF where they can reach a gym to proceed for their membership.

8. Ask : What if a gym located in non-NF country wants to subscribe to iMAES?

Answer : A gym can send a request to iMAES directly at [email protected] and the support team will try to find a solution to accommodate its needs.

9. Ask : Can a gym unsubscribe to iMAES?

Answer : Yes, a gym can unsubscribe to iMAES anytime by contact your National Federation. An unsubscribed gym or non-member gym cannot; however, qualify their students for the iMAES certificates anymore. We need to ensure that qualified students come from the qualified iMAES gyms.

10. Ask : Will the monthly fee be changed in the future?

Answer : The project was fully endorsed by several public and private Muaythai organizations so we carefully considered setting the introductory member price as lowest as possible. We tried our best to enable any gyms globally to access and learn the most precious and accurate Muaythai curriculum. Since Muaythai is gaining momentum among sport lovers, we hope that eventually the number of subscribers will justify our effort for this introductory price. We reserve our right to adjust the price in the future.

11. Ask :  Will there be a user guide?

Answer : The user guide can be found on the portal when you become a member.

12. Ask : How to get certificates ?
Answer :

1. Subscribe and participate in Muaythai cirriculumn on iMAES.
2. Contact your Country’s Nationnal Federation to have exams following the iMAES cirriculumn.
3. National Federation will verifies and gives you certificate following the iMAES cirriculumn.

If you have more questions, please feel free to contact IFMA or iMAES team. We can be reached at [email protected]