The Fastest Way to Learn Muaythai. With iGLA Muaythai Animation Education System (iMAES), Learn and repeat until you master it. With step by step instructional animated techniques, you will learn and practice until you become a master of Muaythai.
Over 3 years of development, iMAES has been approved and certified by WMC (World  Muaythai Council) and IFMA (International Federation of Muaythai Amateurs) as the standard curriculum of learning Muaythai. The project began by selecting hundreds of  movements from 5 Tamras (scriptures of Muaythai), motion‐captured, digital cleaned‐up and categorized by Khru Muaythai (masters). Then 172 master moves were selected to create 9 khans (levels) of iMAES curriculum to showcase the best from basic to advance of Muaythai movements. So it’s ready for everyone to learn Muaythai NOW!

All memberships include

Unlimited access Learn and repeat until you master it.
With step by step instructional animated techniques,you will learn and practice until you become a master.
From basic to advanced Learn step by step the basic of Muaythai toadvances techniques Up to 9 Khans (levels) with 172+ selected Master movements.
Expert Kru Muaythai Selected by WMC and IFMA,
Kru muaythai (instructor) are gathered to show their master movements.
Variety of instruction Course of all levels cover basic, technical skills, scientific visualization of each movement, history of Muaythai and more.
On-the-go learning Watch from your computer, tablet, or mobile device. Switch back and forth at your disposal.
Certificate System iMAES grants certificates to students To be able to access Muaythai community worldwide.


What is iMAES ?

what is imaes

iMAES: iGLA Muaythai Animation Education System is the latest development and an extension of the Project Muaythai iGLA. IMAES curriculum is intended to complement Khru Muaythai (instructors) to teach and train their students in their facilities. The objective is to set the standard of learning Muaythai which all Muaythai camps, sport gyms, sporting schools can adopt and use it as a guide tool for training their students, with ease and simplicity.

The Making of iMAES


Muaythai has gained its popularity in foreign countries for years but it still has more potential to grow and people still occasionally confuse Muaythai with other fighting arts such as Kick Boxing. The Muaythai iGLA project has been established to increase knowledge, understanding and interest in Muaythai among the global community and make it not only the national sport in Thailand but also an international sport for everyone.

Muaythai :

Intangible Cultural Heritage

Muaythai belongs to Thailand’s intangible cultural heritage. The origin of this traditional Thai martial art can be traced back to the dawn of the nation’s history. It is the art of efficiently using nine body parts viz. two fists, two feet, two knees, two elbows, and the head as weapon (called Nava-arvudh in Thai). Muaythai is not only important at individual, community, social, and national levels, but also has long played a vital part in. protecting the, kingdom’s sovereignty

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